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is maintained by 
Julian Buss.
You can hire me. for iPhone, iPad and Android

ShowTable of Contents for iOS (iPhone and iPad)

You can view all content of on your iPhone or iPad using the "" app, Now available in the Appstore!
This app synchronizes all content of to your device so that all the content is offline available.

With this app, you can use the knowledge of for your IBM XPages development wherever you are - on the plane, on the train, in foreign countries...

Download the app

Click here to view the app in the Appstore.

Usage of for iOS

Find the app by looking for "" in the Appstore. Other keywords are "xpages" or "ibm domino".

Start the app. At the first start it doesn't have any content and will get the most recent content from the website.
Tap on "Content" to watch the table of content growing.

The app tries to get the most recent content at every startup when the device has network.

View content

At any time you can tap on a topic to see the content. In the content window, you can drag the text around as needed, or you can change the orientation of the iPhone or iPad.

Working with links in the content

Some pages have links to external websites. You can tap on these links to get to these external pages.
After tapping an external link, you can go back to the original content by clicking the "home" button. Or when you went through other links on the external page, you can go back by tapping the "back" button. on the iPad

This app is optimized for the iPad, too. If the iPad is in landscape mode, the table of content is always visible on the left side.
On the iPad, the content has a bigger font size and some colors are different. on Android

An Android version is planned but not released yet.


See this post in my blog at

Fixed and new in version 1.1

  • iPhone: on some devices, the content is not loaded from
  • iPhone: made the header bar in content pages smaller
  • iPhone: optimized font sizes a bit.
  • iPhone: zooming is now enabled for the content.
  • iPhone/iPad: color coding of source code that is embedded in content pages

What is planned for the next version

  • display comments to pages
  • enable creating new comments right on the mobile device, even when it's offline


If you have questions or comments, please mail me at or leave a comment here.

Technical Information

I developed this app using the Titanium platform. Titanium allows development for iOS and Android with JavaScript and spares you to learn Objective-C or Java. For me Titanium was a good choice to get productive fast.

Furthermore I used the YouAtNotes Mobile Framework which allows easy synchronization of Domino data and has a lot of goodies to make development with Titanium more fun.

There will be articles in THE VIEW about my experience with Titanium and the YouAtNotes Mobile Framework, the first article is expected in late november 2011.

Created by Why an app? on Nov 15, 2011 6:24:59 PM

I think that's great the Titanium can build a basic native app, but, this app looks like a simple HTML app...why build it into native app?

Created by Julian Buss on Nov 16, 2011 9:13:52 PM

because I can cache all the content and make it available offline!

Created by Julian Buss on Nov 16, 2011 9:14:47 PM

and that means, you can use all the content everywhere regardless of your network. And furthermore, as a native app you can find it in the Appstore.

Created by Jim M on May 9, 2013 11:33:24 PM

W doesn't the content fit to screen instead of dragging around while reading to see it all?

Created by Giovanni Vildacci on Apr 6, 2015 9:59:07 PM

Your app xpageswiki not is available on italian Appstore e not in USA appstore. Why??

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