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Work with agents

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Running an agent

You can run any LotusScript or Java agent using this:

var agent=database.getAgent("myagent");; 

In the agent you get the noteID (not the UniversalID) and get a handle to the current document as follows:

Dim session as new notesSession
Dim agent as notesAgent
Dim doc as notesDocument

set agent = session.currentAgent
set doc = session.currentDatabase.getDocumentById(agent.parameterDocId)

The server side javascripts waits until the agent is finished.

Since 8.5.2: run agent with an in-memory document

Since Domino 8.5.2 you can execute an agent with a new option:


and in the agent you can get the in-memory document with

set doc = session.documentContext

Then you can change fields in the document and you DO NOT NEED to save it.
When the agent is done and execution goes back to server side javascript, the changes from the agent are reflected in the XPage backend document.

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